The Swimmer (EP)

by Boddah

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Garage Rock, Lofi, Alternative, Brazil, Lambe Lodo Records...


released August 13, 2013

Bruno Fleming (Todas músicas e letras)



all rights reserved


Bruno Fleming Ouro Fino, Brazil

No reino lá da roça tinha pé de bananeira, folha grande, folha forte, sempre foi nossa bandeira.

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Track Name: Here Down
i saw you saw
the water in my bed
i saw you saw
fishes over my head


here down
some bad choice
here down
some mad voice

i saw you saw
the chemistry in my hand
i saw you saw
big hooks pulling my pants

i saw you saw
some stain in my neck
i saw you saw
the monster in the toilet
Track Name: RGB Jelly Bomb
red stains in my hair
a jelly
a jelly bomb
so strong

it is time to wanna be
get up from the bed
never you think at all
but now i am safe here
it is time to be free
voices in my head
never you think at all
and now i will leave here

green paints in my face
a jelly
a jelly bomb
so strong

blue things in my skin
a jelly
a jelly bomb
so strong
Track Name: Lovers Anyway
let to forget all the blame
no more tears
now i sleep to understand

if i could change my place
in your heart
i would be so much safe

how i need your Love
sampa keeps saying
straight ahead my friend
close is better
how i need you Loo
lovers anyway
now I see my hand
playing ever
how i need you Loo

trying to keep all my faith
underground little bands
playing jams